6 Jul 17

Sun and Moon yarn bowls

Moon yarn bowls have had a temporary rest from being in the shop. I wanted to alter the design on these pieces slightly for the Moon side. Each one of these yarn bowls is thrown by hand and then the sun and moon are cast from a plaster sprig mold. Basically it means that these medallions are modeled by hand once and can be reproduced multiple times.

Moon yarn bowls

Eventually sprig molds wear out, they’re made out of plaster which over time deteriorates. The Sun and Moon bowl was the very first type of yarn bowl available as a made to order product in the shop. Others have since joined the range but this one is the original style!

One side of the bowl has the Moon where you can thread your yarn through. This moon is slightly narrower than the original design which does make it easier to attach. The reverse has the sun which remains the same from previous versions.

Handmade yarn bowl

Sun moon bowl

You can see the Moon side of the bowl has a slightly more ‘raised’ look for a more 3D effect. It’s still got a face though for the man in the moon! The sample piece here is glazed in Forest Green but you can order them in any colour from the chart. These also look pretty good in the dark blue which creates a kind of night scene for the front of the bowl.

More yarn bowls coming soon

Since the discontinuation of the snail bowl back in the spring I’ve been working on a new style. This style will replace the snail so that there are once again 7 styles of yarn bowl to choose from in the shop. I’m anticipating this style will debut in about a month. Most likely at the end of July to beginning of August. Watch out for another post like this one soon!

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