20 Jul 17

Hambleton Sports Awards 2017

Recently I’ve been working on the Hambleton Sports Awards for 2017. Making awards is an opportunity to do something different. A lot of the time in the studio I work on items which have a deeply practical function. Like bowls and plates, they are intended to be used everyday. Commemorative pieces on the are one off items where the function of it is actually secondary.

Sports trophy

With awards often it’s how it looks which takes priority. Decoration is important mainly because of all the lettering that needs to fit on there! It’s the same with all commemorative items which have names, dates or messages. Lettering is a big part of these pieces and the decoration competes with that.

Commemorative mugs

For the sports prizes they’ve been split into two parts the first is a set of mugs. Each mug has ‘Hambleton Sports Awards’ on the bottom and ‘Winner’ on the front. We decided to make mugs mainly for sports teams which have a lot of members. Quite often the members win an award as a group but the individuals get nothing. This way everyone gets to take home something with them!

The main trophies are taller and have a vase-like appearance intended to create more of an impact upon seeing them. A sporting dynamic figure was created as a logo just to add something more interesting to look at visually. It’s intended to represent the movement of a person but also be a letter H for Hambleton.

In a way it’s nice to work on these larger projects as a break from more functional wares. It’s a different sort of challenge and helps to showcase the kinds of items that can be made in pottery.

Custom mugs

Shop updates

Both the Etsy and Folksy shop are getting updated on a weekly basis with new items. I’m currently building stock for the busy winter season ahead! In the next few weeks I’ll hopefully be confirming what events I’ll be at for Christmas. At the moment I’m only planning on doing two events at the most due to the amount of time that’s available.

If your unable to make it to an event your always welcome to get in touch and drop by the studio sometime!

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