25 May 17

Homegrown food festival 2017

Craft festival display

Just a quick post this one! Thanks for dropping by the Made by Mummy Market craft fair at Thief Hole a couple of weeks ago. I’m busy getting ready for my next event which will be at the end of June. You’ll find me at the Homegrown Food Festival. Each year it’s held on the Applegarth behind the high street on the last Sunday of each month. This year that falls on June 25th.

This will be my only summer event of the year. The Homegrown Food Festival is a free event at which you’ll find a variety of food trucks, kitchen goods, food demonstrations and a festival stage for local bands. For adult visitors there’s also always the beer tent too. It’s run by Northallerton’s local brewery so you’ll be sure to find a local tipple or two. It’s an outdoor event so be prepared for any kind of weather!

I’ll be there with my pots! At the moment I’m building up stock specifically for the event so they’ll be a lot of items available which you won’t find online. If there’s something your after in particular and are planning to attend just let me know. I can create a piece specifically for you to collect on the day.

After this event I won’t be doing any others until the winter season begins, I’ll let you know where I’ll be closer to the time!

Pottery display

Etsy Changes

I’m still updating Etsy every week but you can now find a few new features. In the past I’ve had a few customers not wanting to set up an Etsy account. You can now checkout as a guest on the site so no account signup required! You can checkout using Paypal or your credit card. I thought I might mention this since I’ve had a few guest checkout customers already.

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  1. The Revd Linda Mudd says:

    hello I was on a conference for clergy from the diocese of Coventry in Liverpool in September 2017 and each tabke had a wonderful bowl made by your company. If possible I would like to purchase another one for a friend who will be retiring from ministry in April.
    would you be able to make one for me please (she loved the ones you made for Liverpool and it would be a lovely reminder if her time in the diocese. please advise if this is possible together with cost. many thanks

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