30 Mar 17

Unicorn rice crispy squares

Rice Crispy Squares

I watch a lot of cooking videos on YouTube, its a great way to find something that’s a little bit more unusual. It’s amazing to see what people will create with just a handful of ingredients. These unicorn rice crispy squares took my eye and I decided to make them. You can find the video here which is by Honeysuckle bakes for all the busy bees! 😉

I have both a soft spot for beautiful sprinkles and rice crispy squares. They’re pretty easy to throw together as well since unlike a cake there isn’t really any mixing and oven time involved. I just love how colourful these look. They’d be an ideal birthday cake replacement or great for parties!

These are of course very sweet mainly due to the amount of sprinkles, but sprinkles = joy so it’s not all bad! In the same YouTube video you’ll also find recipes for a strawberry and a salted caramel version both of which also look delicious. I’ve found these to be the most gooey squares I’ve made since she doesn’t stint on the marshmallows and neither should you!

Rice Crispy Squares

These take a lot of ingredients but you do get a decent amount from them. When making rice crispy squares I find mini-marshmallows are the best. They melt more quickly and evenly compared to their bigger counterparts. It’s a tough business cleaning up afterwards but that’s actually the hardest part. That and having to wait until they’re cool enough to eat of course.

My only other tip is to try and buy a really big bag of sprinkles, 1 cup is actually alot! Plus you’ll need more to sprinkle on the top. Unfortunately some of the sprinkles I got for mine were a bit hard to eat, just something else to think about.

Rice Crispy Squares

Glaze chart changes

In other news this week I’ve now had to remove Smokey Blue from the chart. It’s completely gone and it won’t be getting restocked. A new glaze will be replacing it shortly but not for a while. The new glaze will be Lavender Blue and it’ll be coming to the chart soon!

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