15 Mar 17

Butterfly yarn bowls are changing

Sometimes it takes a long time to develop new products, yarn bowls are no exception. I’ve been wanting to refresh the range since New Year and we’re now well into spring. This is the first change to the selection of bowls on offer for a couple of years. I hope you’ll like the changes!

Butterfly yarn bowls

Butterfly yarn bowls used to have a single cut on the front with a butterfly decal on the back. This changes it so that the design is all on one side. The twist of the S shaped yarn cutout is ideal for catching the yarn. The shape itself is supposed to mimic the tumbling flight of a butterfly. I’ve been knitting with this design myself for about a month now, I haven’t finished my project yet!

The butterfly on the piece is now actually larger making it a more noticeable part of the design. It’s also the first where the design pops out of the bowl with a kind of 3D effect. I’ve often been asked in the past to add things to the rim edge of yarn bowls. Because of how they’re made this would actually be quite difficult, this is somewhere in between.

Yarn bowl cutout

Glazed in forest green

Not all designs work out the first time you try them and it’s actually taken a couple months of drawing and prototyping to reach this point. I do still have a few of the old style bowls left. I’ll be getting them glazed and selling them as seen.

Ordering changes

In addition to the changes to butterfly bowls a few other things will be moving on soon. I’ve almost totally run out of Pepper Yellow glaze. Smokey Blue won’t be too far behind. I’d recommend if you are wanting to place an order in those colours to do it soon!

I’ve started adding pieces glazed in the new colour, Lavender blue, to the shop. It’ll be added to the glaze chart once the other colours finally go.

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