6 Feb 17

Goodbye glazes!

Over the next few months I’m going to be changing the glaze chart. Spring is a great time to do this since I can more easily run down the glazes I’ll be discontinuing.

Pepper Glaze

The first one of the glazes to go will be Pepper Yellow. I’ve stopped taking orders for plates and yarn bowls in this colour. I’ll be glazing stock items with the remainder of this glaze so you’ll be able to get it only for a limited time. If your desperate for a piece in this colour you can always get in touch and let me know I’ll likely have it for another month or so.

As a glaze Pepper Yellow has drifted to the bottom of the pack. It’s probably our least ordered glaze and I’ve had the current tub for quite a while. So with that in mind it’s time to let it go from the chart.

Yellow glaze

The next glaze I’ll be discontinuing is Smokey Blue. I know this will likely be a controversial choice since I know it’s actually quite a popular colour. At the moment I’m still taking orders for yarn bowls in this colour but not dinnerware. I’ll likely again have this for another month or so but obviously stocks of this are also low.

Over the last few months, particularly over Christmas, performance of this glaze has been a little inconsistent. I have at times been really disappointed with the colour as it can underfire in some of the cooler spots in the kiln. Obviously at busy times like Christmas it’s important that everyone’s order is the best that it can be. For this reason it’ll be gone from the chart.

Smokey Blue will eventually be getting replaced with another colour which I’ve previewed a little on Instagram. I’m quite excited about it since I think it’ll fill the gap left behind nicely! I’m also generally keen to lower the number of colours on offer. Sometimes when talking to customers there’s too much choice and deciding can be quite difficult. I’m intentionally lowering the number of colours available at the moment but I do always review the shop colours on a regular basis. If there’s a glaze colour you’d love to see in the shop let me know!

Smokey blue glaze

Valentines Ordering

With Valentines Day just a couple of weeks away I’ll no longer be able to provide custom order items before the big day. If your looking to order pieces out of stock or order un-named yarn bowls I’ll still be able to get them to you in time. If your in doubt about the completion times for orders just get in touch. It does tend to vary depending on the current order list and time of year.

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