22 Jan 17

Yarn bowl styles comparison

Recently I received an email about the sizing of yarn bowls, I’ve tacked this subject before but not for a while. I always felt the photos in that particular post could of been better. At the time I didn’t have any completed yarn bowls to compare just biscuit fired ones.

Pottery yarn bowls

You can look back on the other posts I’ve made on the sizing of barrel yarn bowls and the sizing of star yarn bowls. None of the photos include two yarn bowls together though so I wanted to take some photos side by side. So you can compare them more easily.

The completed dimensions of yarn bowls are actually pretty similar which sometimes confuses people when they read the listings. The difference comes in the shaping. On the star bowls you can clearly see a bowl type shape, it’s narrow in the bottom and widens out at the top. The one in this set of photos is glazed in forest green. It’s got the dimensions of 9.5 cm in height and 15 cm in diameter across the top.

The barrel shaped yarn bowls are different. They’re made with a larger weight of clay and are more tube shaped with a flat bottom which is obviously wider. The piece then bellies out in the middle and then to make a more symmetrically pleasing shape it bends inwards again a little to cup the yarn inside more. The piece in this post is a ‘Wool’ style yarn bowl glazed in simply clay which has a gloss finish. It’s got the dimensions of 11 cm in height and 15 cm in diameter.

yarn in yarn bowls

I’ve taken a photo of the same yarn in the two bowls so you can see how each one is cupped inside the bowl differently. As I’ve said before it really depends on the type of yarn you knit with which is better for you.

Yarn bowl changes

Over the next few months I’m actually going to be changing the lineup of yarn bowls in the shop. I’m currently creating prototypes of new designs to come into rotation and refresh the range a little. The range has been the same for a number of years now and I think some designs could be improved.

It does take a long time to develop new products successfully so it’s likely this wont be reflected in the shop until midsummer. I’ll post a little more about the changes in the future, keep your eyes peeled!

yarn bowl sizes


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