14 Jan 17

Cute animal plates and mugs

Late last year I started to experiment with decorating coupe plates with a bear and cat design. These are simple cartoon style designs which have a silhouette look to them. You might have seen a few of them pop into the shop or at events leading up to Christmas. They’re decorated in a variety of slip colours – grey, yellow, pink and blue.

bear plates

Each plate is glazed over in a simple transparent glaze so that the slip colour underneath comes out clearly. They’re super cute! I love taking these out of the kiln for that reason, you can’t help but smile.

The mugs are decorated in the same way but because I brush the slip on by hand there is a break in the colour where the handles are. It’s a tricky spot to get a good finish on!

custom animal mugs

kawaii plates

At Christmas I work on a lot of top secret projects that I just can’t show you. It’s so tempting to post a few images here and there but you’ll just end up spoiling the surprise especially on Christmas day! I got a custom request for a set of plates and mugs with names on in addition to the bears. I hand carved onto each plate. It’s a neat idea since for kids it creates a real sense of ownership and getting to see their name all the time.

bear plates

Valentines and Mothers Day orders

Now that Christmas is over I’ve started looking ahead to the rest of the year, I did experience an increase in orders over Mothers Day which is something to consider if your looking for a made to order item.

For Valentines Day I’d recommend ordering made to order items by Tuesday the 31st of January.
Mothers Day I’d recommend ordering made to order items by March 9th. The ordering date for this is different to compensate for delivery times as last post will be the Saturday before.

These are just recommended dates which I’ll review in the week or two leading up to both so keep an eye out for any changes! If you have any questions about the status of your order just get in touch!

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