5 Dec 16

Yarn in a star yarn bowl

Yarn in a star yarn bowl

Last week’s blog post focused on the barrel shaped yarn bowls, this week I’m taking looking at the star bowls. Star bowls have a different shape, size and price. These pieces have a more traditional bowl like shape with a distinctive curve on the inside and outside. They are sized a little smaller than the barrels for more petite balls of yarn.

Generally for this size I recommend anything up to a 50 gram ball of DK or Aran. Over the 50 grams it does start to get a little tight inside the bowl. It’s ideal for sock weight and lace weight yarns. As you can see in the photos you can squeeze in the heavier yarn weights and larger ball sizes if you want.

holding a star yarn bowl

The bowl shape means that there aren’t any corners for the yarn to hide in as it rolls around. Each one has a smooth curve and star motif cut into it by hand. Each one is glazed to order so in their own way they’re unique. This one has a size of 15 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm in height to compare with the other barrel style bowl. It has a shorter height and a narrower base shape as these are finished off with a foot ring.

I’ve tried to use similar yarns in the photo used in the last post for a good comparison. The Yarns photographed in the bowl are as follows. Starting with the top row reading left to right.

1. Empty 2. Alpaca Cotton 3. All Seasons Cotton 4. Cocoon
5. Cashsoft DK 6. Fine Lace 7. Sienna 10. Lima
6. Rowan Tweed 9. Pure Wool Aran 10.Extra Fine Merino DK 11. Empty

Rowan yarns in a star yarn bowl

Christmas yarn bowl orders

If your looking to order a yarn bowl for Christmas sales of these will be closing this coming Wednesday the 7th of December. After this time I will be glazing a few yarn bowls to sell as seen in my Etsy shop but there will obviously be less choice. Also it’ll be first come first served!

If you leave ordering really late and want to add expedited postage to your order then I can add Special Delivery. I’ll be able to do this up to the 21st of December, after this there simply won’t be enough time to get your piece to you.

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