11 Dec 16

Buttonbag DIY kit Advent Calendar

Merry and bright

We’re now deep into Advent, hopefully your on top of all those Christmas jobs! A couple of years ago I created this DIY Advent Calendar by Buttonbag. It’d been ages since I’d had an advent calendar. Since I was a kid in fact, I’d never really bothered with them as I’ve gotten older. As an adult I wanted something that was going to be a bit more interesting than the colourful ones for kids.

This kit by Buttonbag was really easy to put together. The bonus is you can put whatever you want in the windows! It’s designed for kids and teens, it comes with pre-cut felt squares for your pockets. A piece of printed fabric which is just larger than a tea towel gives a guide on where to attach them. The kit comes with a needle and tapestry type thread to sew them on.

Advent Calendar

You also get sheets of glue backed felt to cut out for the numbers. I cut out and attached the numbers before sewing the squares on as it’s just easier to do it this way round. I cut out some extra letters to put a message across the top. You get loads of the gummed felt so I had plenty left over.

In the past I’ve put filled chocolates wrapped in waxed paper into the pockets. You could easily put small toys or treats that aren’t sweet inside. Every Friday our advent calendar comes with a minature boozy surprise! This year we went with a selection of white and milk swiss Chocolate from Betty’s. Some of the shapes are pretty elaborate with bears and a golden owl which we’ve used for Christmas Eve.

Betty's Chocolate

Christmas orders

Yarn bowl orders for Christmas have now closed. I do still have a few in stock yarn bowls for pre-Christmas delivery. These can be found in the shop labelled as ‘ready to ship’.

I’ll be continuing to post out orders next week but Christmas post will end the week commencing the 19th of December. You can find more detailed dates over in this blog post.

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