19 Nov 16

Tiramisu knitting pattern by Lori Versaci

Wool yarn bowl

I feel sorry for this yarn I really do. This is the third knitting project I have started with it this year. The yarn is Rowan’s Pure Wool DK, so far it’s coping well with all the pulling out and re-knitting. The first garment I made was too small, the second too large so I’m hoping this one will be perfect!

Tiramisu is actually a recommendation from a follower over on Twitter. I bought this pattern via Ravelry as a download. Downloaded knitting patterns are actually really convenient and easy to check repeatedly, you can print new copies if they get too note heavy. If you’ve never tried it I’d highly recommend it!

I wear a lot of cardigans and yet I often find coming across good patterns for them is difficult. Maybe it’s because of their more complex construction, there can be a lot of seaming with a hand knitted cardigan. When it comes to actually wearing them though cardigans are always my go to choice. I always find they’re easier to wear than jumpers and are ideal for three seasons – winter, spring and autumn. You might even find yourself wearing one with a tee on a cool summer night.

Knitting in progress

Anyway. So far Tiramisu has been knitting up pretty well and fast, for me anyway. It’s got quite a simple repeating stitch pattern made up only of knit and purl so if your a novice knitter you could easily do this. I’ve left out the pockets from my version just to keep things a bit easier and increase the yardage I have available. I often find I don’t really use pockets in cardigans anyway!

It does have an interesting construction with the rib band not being picked up and knitted at the end – you just knit the whole thing and graft it on to the garment at the end. See how I get on with that one!

knitting with a yarn bowl

Yarn bowl christmas orders

If your after a yarn bowl this Christmas next week will be the last full week of ordering all styles of yarn bowl. The custom named yarn bowls will be closing out for Christmas the following Tuesday, November 29th.

If your wanting a yarn bowl to give as a gift don’t leave it too late! You can find all the last order dates here – http://www.littlewrenpottery.co.uk/2016/10/christmas-last-order-dates-2016/

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