10 Nov 16

Mug cakes

Mug cakes

Have you ever made a cake in a mug? I’d read about mug cakes but never tried it. They’re so popular now you can even get kits in the supermarket! It’s pretty likely that you’ll already have the ingredients to make these sitting around so why not give it a go.

I used the recipes available from The Telegraph website. Whatever your taste there’s probably a mug cake for you. I made four different ones; dark chocolate, matcha, oreo, pear and almond. It was surprisingly easy to do which I suspect is part of the reason they’re so popular and cooks almost instantly. It reminded me a lot of making American style one bowl cakes where you just chuck everything in. You won’t need any self raising flour for these as they’re all made with baking powder.

The texture of mug cakes reminds me a lot of steamed sponge or steamed cake since it’s quite soft! They’re ideal to go with whipped cream or any kind of sauce you might have in the fridge. You could probably even serve these with custard if your feeling fancy.

Microwave cakes

Mug cake tips

My top tip is to use a huge mug! I’d highly recommend using the biggest mugs you have mainly because they’ll need room to rise. They rise a lot because of the baking powder and by cooking in the microwave your kind of steaming the cake.

I used extra large eggs for these as it’s what I had but a few of them came out kinda eggy tasting. For this reason I’d recommend using medium or even small eggs. I also think I overcooked a couple of them which is super easy to do in the microwave so they came out a little dry. I had to cook all of them for more than the recommended time but that’s likely to do with the strength of my microwave.

I was a bit worried that you’d be able to taste the baking powder but you couldn’t really. These mug cakes are really huge so I hope your hungry haha!


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