27 Nov 16

How much yarn can you fit in a yarn bowl?

One of the most common questions I get asked at this time of year is; how much yarn can you fit into a yarn bowl? This depends on two things – what size of yarn bowl your looking to buy and what weight of yarn you knit with.

Yarn in yarn bowl

The photos in this entry are all made with a barrel shaped wool bowl. This is the standard larger size I sell. The piece itself is 14.5 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height. It’s hard to get a sense of scale from just photos. The bellied shape of this style helps to keep the ball in place.

As for size of yarn generally I recommend anything up to 50 grams of a chunky weight yarn like Rowan Big Wool. All the photos in this post feature Rowan Yarns which are pretty easy to find at your local yarn shop. Even better if you have a ball in your stash you can compare with the photos.

Knitting with a yarn bowl

I’ve also included a photo of the piece when it’s empty for comparison. If your unsure about size the barrel size bowls are the most flexible and able to accommodate thicker and fine Yarns equally well. Another key thing to remember is that yarn is actually pretty squishy and as your working the ball size will reduce over time.

I’ll try and do another post like this for the star yarn bowls as you can compare how Yarns look in each one. I do of course make custom sized yarn bowls so you can go bigger, or smaller, by request.

Wool yarn bowl

The Yarns photographed in the bowl are as follows. Starting with the top row reading left to right.
1. Empty 2. Alpaca Cotton 3. Cashsoft DK 4. Felted Tweed Aran
5. Fine Lace 6. Rowan Tweed 7. Big Wool 8. Felted Tweed Chunky
9. Pure Wool Aran 10. Lima 11. All Seasons Cotton 12. Cocoon

Named yarn bowl orders

Named yarn bowl orders will end this coming Monday the 28th of November but you’ll still be able to order the standard styles for Christmas delivery until the 7th of December.