14 Sep 16

Landscape Magazine

Landscape Magazine have featured Little Wren Pottery in their Autumn 2016 edition. I’ll confess Autumn is my favorite time of year. It’s a transitional season that I think sometimes gets lost in the shuffle between bright summer days and Christmas beyond it. The long golden shadows and colours at this time of year are the best, so it’s great to see Autumn celebrated in this way.

Landscape Magazine

Ironically the piece featured here is a one I haven’t made for a while; since 2014. Feels like going back some way! It’s known as the falling leaves jug, the one pictured in the magazine is glazed in Vanilla Cream.

The piece itself is thrown on the wheel and then the leaf pattern is hand etched onto the surface. Every one is different and uses leaves gathered from my garden as a template. I usually try to have a larger leaf as the center of the pattern under the jug lip just to make it appear symmetrical.

The leaf pattern itself isn’t glazed they’re waxed off during the glazing process so they pick up the natural clay colour. This is a kind of sandy colour and texture which creates a contrast, a subtle one with light coloured glazes and a dramatic one with the darker.

Landscape Magazine feature

If you want to order one of these they can be custom made to order, you won’t find them in the shop so you will have to get in touch to purchase one. Generally custom order items take 3-4 weeks to be completed and ready to ship.

If you’ve never picked up a copy of Landscape Magazine it’s quite a diverse publication focusing on countryside life. From arts and crafts, to cooking and outdoor activities you’ll likely find something to interest you. It’s jam making season so this issue also comes with some Jam labels! Thanks again to the magazine for the feature : )

falling leaf jug

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