29 Sep 16

Burda Young 6922 sewing pattern

Burda Sewing Pattern 6922

I’ve been really loving Burda sewing patterns. As a novice at sewing I find them straightforward and simple without too many tricky fiddly bits. The instructions themselves are also easy to follow and they can be left to pick up over repeated sessions. I don’t often have the time or patience to finish a garment in one sitting!

This pattern is Burda Young 6922, it’s a simple V neck top without any buttons or zips which is ideal for me. Also included in this pack is a version with a skirt and a top with sleeves. I made a top similar to this vest using a New Look pattern which had a zip in the back. While I could sew it in I found it difficult to wear. It also had a lot of facings inside which I found a problem when putting it on.

Sewing with bias tape

The bonus here is the lack of facings; it’s a pretty self contained shell top. I mainly made this because I had an awkward length of fabric to use up which was just going spare. To make it go a bit further I used bought bias tape. I know that’s a cheat but I had so little fabric left I couldn’t make tape from it. It did save a bit of time as well and the shop bought tape is finer than I could have made it anyway.

I used a princess seam on the inside to hide the stitching which I find easier to do than flat seaming. I think it makes for a better finish and it’s not likely to rub on the tops of your shoulders.

Finished vest top

Sewing pointers

The only down side is that maybe the size I made was a little too big. It’s a size 12 and I could have gone down a size. It has a baggy fit but in a way that’s not unattractive, the ‘swing’ shape is kept by the slightly stiff cotton. Also since it doesn’t have a zip I’m not totally sure that I could fit my head in at the smaller size! If you were using a stretch fabric you wouldn’t have problem with this of course.

I did struggle a little with the V neck and the resulting garment does have a really low neckline. I’ve been wearing this with a vest under but it would make for ideal beachwear especially if you have a swimsuit which has a halterneck as there’s plenty of room for straps underneath. Also it’s a good job I’m not a professional model because I’d be terrible at it!

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