22 Aug 16

Baking doughnuts

baking doughnuts

I never thought I’d be baking doughnuts but these turned out really well! I wasn’t going to blog about these originally. Surprisingly I don’t blog about everything I bake but like I say I was impressed with this recipe. I was pretty skeptical about the difference between a baked doughnut and an iced bun, but honestly they taste like yeast doughnuts.

The recipe itself comes from Bigger Bolder Baking. It’s run by Gemma and often features ‘on trend’ baking for what’s hot on Instagram! I’d really strongly recommend her YouTube videos. Its good to bake along with her so you can actually see what stage your doughnuts should be at while your working on them.

mouse doughnut

Baking doughnut tips

Some of her recipes like this one use a stand mixer but I don’t have one. Be prepared for a workout while you knead that dough. It takes only a couple of minutes with the stand mixer but easily took me 40. I’ve been baking breads about once a month recently and it’s only through this repetition that you get a feel for what a well risen dough should look like. Having to knead the dough for a long time is more important if it’s a cold day or if your house is generally cold!

Adding steam to the oven will help to create a softer crust so don’t skip this step. I always wait until my bread has expanded and started to brown on it’s own before brushing it with butter or egg. This just allows the bread to get well risen as adding butter to the outside it’ll very quickly burn.

With these baked doughnuts a lot of the doughnut taste is in the toppings. There isn’t much sugar in the dough so you can really go for it with sprinkles and chocolate! I made some super cute mouse doughnuts with white chocolate buttons.

baked doughnut texture

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