8 Jul 16


If you dropped by to see me at the Homegrown Food Festival a few weeks ago, thanks! It’s always nice to meet and chat to customers, thankfully the weather just to say held off and it only started as I was packing up for the day. I wanted to say thanks as it’s important to remember that Little Wren Pottery wouldn’t be able to continue to exist without you.

Selling my work is my sole source of income and without your purchases no matter how small I wouldn’t be able to continue working.

Unfortunately I’ve been having some kiln troubles lately, my largest kiln has burnt out it’s elements which will need replacing. This has impacted a number of orders slowing down the completion times. I’m hoping to have it back to working condition in the next few weeks.

Finally in the build up to the food fair I wasn’t adding any stock to the shop, over the coming weeks I’ll be adding more pieces that are in stock ready to be dispatched. I’m currently having a sale of in stock Yarn Bowl seconds, these are all pieces that have slight glaze defects or have warped in some way. Again these are all in stock ready to be dispatched!

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