15 Jun 16

Teapot styles

In pottery there’s always more than one way to do something which creates endless variations and also almost endless problems. Teapots are just one of those pieces where no matter how many times they’re made each one is individually different.

When teapots appear in the shop each one is a little experiment in getting better at making them. Normally teapots have a standard handle style for tipping forward but asian style pots have a side attached handle for a more gentle tipping action.

It’s a subtile difference but this tipping action is related to how you move your wrist as you pour and to some extent what your doing with your other supporting hand. The gentle tipping action of the side handle is more about twisting the wrist and it also gives a different view of how your pouring.

The subtile differences of tea brewing! Tell me whats your preference, have you ever used a side handled teapot?

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