3 Jun 16

Knitting Rydal

Since I finished my last project I’ve been struggling to find a pattern to knit. The Purelife Winter Collection book is a one I always come back to over and over again, there’s just something I like about the patterns in this book and yet I’ve never managed to pick just one to make.

In the end I decided to go with Rydal. Its quite an unusual pattern in that it has both a small amount of waist shaping and whats described in the pattern book as cabling but is really smocking. It’s also finished off with a funnel neck created with a 2×2 rib. Overall this makes it quite a stretchy form fitting garment which is more common in vintage style knitting patterns.

Once you get into the cable-smock repeat it’s super easy to keep going, to me at first glance though the instructions are quite unusual as there are a lot of passed over stitches to create that stretchy texture.

I’m knitting this in a berry colour which somehow really suits this pattern – it’s not too dark. The yarn is Rowan’s pure wool DK, it’s now a discontinued yarn in the colour ‘Port’. Fortunately I haven’t found any knots in it yet!

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