27 May 16

North Yorkshire Fracking Vote

For a few days last week Northallerton’s County Hall was the focus for a big news story; the vote by local MP’s to allow Fracking in North Yorkshire. Fracking was approved 7 to 4 and the outcome was almost inevitable – it’s very hard to ignore all those jobs and money that the new wells will bring.

It’s a shame because I think it reflects on the broader issues of energy. Our dependancy in the UK on fossil fuels and the stunting of investment for developing existing energy technology and potentially as yet undiscovered forms of generation.

There’s also the problems of industrialisation in once natural habitats, after all where do you draw the line? North Yorkshire is a place of outstanding natural beauty which faces pressure for money to provide local services and highly skilled jobs to attract or keep young families around.

It’s difficult to strike a balance because once environmental damage is done it’s hard to roll back the clock. Somehow it feels like we’re missing the point, that we should try harder to live more harmoniously within our environment rather than trying to ignore it or wipe it away.

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