12 May 16

Little Wren Pottery is Etsy featured seller

A few weeks ago Little Wren Pottery was selected to be Etsy’s featured seller. I’ll confess I was a bit surprised as featured seller is one of those things that happens to other people! I guess it’s a stamp of Etsy approval that your shop is selected amongst the huge number of shops that are out there.

It was a bit weird being interviewed and being asked for photos of myself at work since so often it’s the pots that are front and centre rather than me. It’s also odd to talk about how you work, to an extent the daily even weekly routines become so familiar that it all floats by after a while.

Sitting at the wheel does give you a lot of time to think about not just what your working on but the customers at the other end. Even as an experienced seller it’s important not to loose this focus, that eventually your work will be bought and used as part of someones day to day life.

I read the Etsy blog a bit less than I used to when I first opened my shop but it’s still generally a great resource not just for sellers but for all kinds of inspiration.

Thanks to Etsy for featuring my shop, it’s a great honour to be selected! You can read the interview in full here.

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