22 Apr 16

New glaze chart

I’ve been meaning to update the glaze chart for what feels like forever and I’ve started rolling out this change of colours into the shop in made to order item listings. You’ll now find two new colours on the chart; Ocean Blue and Olive Green.

Ocean Blue is intended to replace Midnight Blue from the old way back when chart. Unlike Midnight Blue this glaze colour is a pure blue with no brown or black tones to it making for quite an intense burst of colour.

Olive Green is subtly different from Forest Green, it’s a less intense grassy shade. I don’t have many pieces glazed in this colour yet but it’s a limited edition glaze. It won’t be around forever as I don’t think I’ll be making another batch of this again since it’s not different enough from the existing green in the shop.

You can order yarn bowls in these two colours in the shop over on Etsy at the moment but the new chart will be appearing in other listings over the next few weeks.

Also in response to Royal Mail’s 2016 price increases I am also in the process of slightly raising postage costs across the shop. Yarn bowls will still be posted out First Class parcel post but Second Class is available on request.

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