4 Feb 16

Seascape lace shawl

Occasionally I knit lace just to vary what I’m knitting, this piece has been in progress since last April and it’s now finished! I used the free Seascape lace shawl pattern with some Eden Cottage Yarns laceweight. The colour here is Black Magic Rose, a lovely dusky purple like shade.

The pattern for this is actually knit flat, I chose to knit this on straight needles rather than circulars – personal preference there! I don’t normally block my work at all but in this case it really helps with stitch stretch and definition to reveal more of the work in the pattern.

A word of warning, I actually added in an extra repeat to this which added width to the piece. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t done this as I would have preferred it to be longer rather than wider.

I sewed both the ends together to create a loop, mainly because I always always trap my scarfs in coat zips. I actually have another piece of lace which now has a hole in it where it’s caught. Hopefully the circular shape on this one will keep it away from the coat zip snag. I finished it off with a mattress stitch to make the seam less bulky, it can be seen but it’s less obvious when your actually wearing it.

I’ve already started another project which feels like it’s knitting up fast since I’m no longer knitting on 2.5 mm needles!

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