28 Jan 16

Hambleton Community Awards 2016

You might have recently seen my face in the local paper! A few people have asked me if Little Wren Pottery will be doing the Hambleton Awards again this year and we are.

As you can see this year the theme is jugs, each one features embossed lettering which I’ve been adding on by hand. The design itself is a farmhouse style jug and I have to say it’s probably one of the most traditional looking objects I’ve ever made – it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a country pub!

The filigree design is actually based off the Hambleton Council crest as last year the plates featured the Yorkshire Rose and wanted to do something a bit different. The hardest part of these is accommodating the lettering since some of the award titles are really long and others just a few words.

This piece is unglazed but once completed it’ll be green inside, which is Hambleton Council’s corporate colour, and vanilla cream on the outside. It should add a textural contrast between the two glaze colours as well.

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