14 Jan 16

Christmas commissions

Getting a commission is sometimes tricky – some things just aren’t possible in clay but its more trying to meet in the middle. Between what’s technically possible and what the customer wants to receive. At Christmas I get a few secret hush hush projects but now that it’s over I can share them with you!

Orders for pets are just so cute, I’ll not lie I love the action shots of pets and pots. This oddly shaped igloo is a rat house the front has a little ‘door’ and the rear has two circular windows. It’s glazed on both the inside and out making it easy to clean and of course the flat roof is a great place to sit if your the right size that is.

It’s great when and order comes along with something in it that you’ve always wanted to try. I’ll confess doing Lord of the Rings themed mugs was up there, these three were created as gifts with different names and finishes on each. As you might expect the level of detail on these was quite challenging.

This past year I’ve also been working on increasingly large dinnerware orders. It’s strange to do these kinds of orders since you don’t often get to see so much work laid out together like this. With larger orders it’s sometimes difficult to get a sense of how long and order like this will take to complete!

Don’t forget that if you have any photos of Little Wren pots out in the wild you can hashtag them on Instagram with #littlewrenpottery.

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