Northallerton Archaeological Dig

A few weeks ago in town I’d heard about an archaeological dig happening over at the old Rutson Hospital in town. Some of what they’d dug up was a bit of pottery!

This ceramic dish was discovered on the site both it’s size and level of decoration are quite impressive. Due to the age of the piece it’s likely that its a lead based glaze but the colours were quite surprising. The decoration in the centre has quite a contemporary look about it considering its medieval.

When I asked about where it’d come from it was suggested that it’d been traded in the town from either further south or from York since there was quite a large pottery there. Interestingly each fragment of the dish they’d found was at a slightly different layer of excavation suggesting the dish was kept as a desirable piece until it was just too damaged to display!

They also found older less ornate ceramics which it was suggested that a few of these might have been made in Northallerton!

It was noticeable on the site how much interest there was in the dish, somehow I think it really captured the imagination of people. It’s these sort of everyday objects which connect us to the past where the people were not so unlike us. They still dined on plates and drank from mugs, it’s these ordinary everyday things which you can touch and hold in your hand that link you from the past to today.

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