Landscape Magazine

This month you’ll find Little Wren Pottery in Landscape magazine, it’s the November/December issue and it’s full of winter delights for the turning of the season.

You can find the Wool Yarn Bowl featured on page 7, the one pictured here is glazed in transparent. If your dropping by to the site for the first time from the magazine hello! You can find out more about yarn bowls in the shop here.

The November issue of Landscape features some great seasonal recipes for butternut squash and plenty of recommendations for things do do outside even as the weather turns cooler.

With the gradual change of the seasons to autumn I’ll be publishing my last postage dates before Christmas in the next couple of weeks. This is mainly for larger sets of dinnerware as these will be the first items to have a closure date before Christmas.

Finally just a quick note to say that on November 1st you’ll find me at Masham town hall for Crafted by Hand, more on that later!

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