Why are artists inspired by nature?

Not everyone is inspired by nature but when I read interviews with artists and crafts people I realise most of them say they’re inspired by the natural world. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, perhaps if more people were inspired by it that wouldn’t be a bad thing!

I was thinking about just why so many artists are inspired by nature and I think its for a number of reasons, it’s spirit is often full of opposites. It’s wild and free spirited which I think appeals to the language of art. Often it seems nature has no great ‘plan’ to the wilderness that it creates. Yet nature seems to work quietly with a purpose in mind, destroying some things and creating others a force that moves across the Earth seemingly silently.

Theres also maths at work in nature which makes it beautiful fibonacci numbers otherwise known as the golden section is the pattern that natural objects seem to follow. Like shells on the beach you can’t quite put your finger on what makes one more attractive than the other but that’s probably it!

The design of natural objects is often so well made why bother trying to improve upon it? The language of plants and flowers seems universal with their tactile shapes and as we move towards a future that often seems at odds with nature I still think that as humans we crave these forms and materials in our lives.

Next time you feel inspired or moved by nature try to think why you chose it perhaps you’ll be surprised!

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