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A few weeks ago Helen who runs Zumba classes in Northallerton was asking for testimonials about her classes and that got me thinking. I’ve been attending Helen’s classes for about a year or two now and she’s a great instructor. Her routines themselves are easy enough for beginners, complex enough for them to remain interesting for the regulars but above all fun!

Helen’s attitude shines through her classes and encouragement is great if you want to push yourself or just make it through the end of a class when your feeling tired. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader and I realise she doesn’t just do it for me but for everyone who attends her class and that’s what so clever about what she does.

By attending her classes it brings out the confident side of myself, that dancing itself is quite liberating if you really throw yourself into it. You can make a good day even better by attending or save a crappy day by just turning up.

Sometimes I get a bit too into it and start going too fast into the routine or missing steps simply because I’m just too excited but that’s ok. While dancing you can recover from mistakes and anticipate the next step. If your out there doing your routine and make a mistake it doesn’t matter it’s gone instantly, in fact hardly anyone really notices – the important thing is just to keep going and that’s a great life skill to learn.

I’ve met a lot of new people by attending and that’s great to have something in common that’s based around fitness and fun rather than just sitting around. The environment that Helen’s managed to create at her classes means that I feel comfortable dancing in front of everyone. It’s also great to see so many ladies in one place all with different body shapes and sizes, it makes me realise that I’m often more critical of how I look than the way other people see me.

If you want to join us you can usually find me dancing on the stage with Helen on a Monday night in the Forum and you can find out more about her classes here. Or you can check out a few of Helen’s routines over on Youtube.

One thought on “Zumba Northallerton

  1. Helen Z says:

    Victoria – it made my day finding this!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write, it’s absolutely wonderful to hear how our li’l class and community impact on you. And you’re VEH kind about me – blushing, but loving it! 😀 H.

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