Why does my order take so long?

On each of my listings you’ll find a suggested lead time for completion of orders. The length of time although an estimate often changes and can become longer or shorter.

When you place an order for something bespoke either by email or purchasing a made to order item from the shop it goes into a list. The list is arranged with newest ones coming in at the bottom and older ones float to the top.

Generally it takes 3-4 weeks to make anything in pottery. It’s almost the total opposite to online shopping where everything is next day delivery. The more bespoke your order is the more time I take in making it which extends the lead time. The number of pieces in your order also plays a part, dinner sets are prime examples of this and with increasing complexity comes the additional time needed to complete multi-part orders.

Another factor is the time of year; if your looking for a fast turn around the best time to place your order is late spring to early summer. Lead times during this period often drop to 2 weeks depending on what your order is. November and December see the longest extensions of the wait time with 4-5 weeks possible even on single items.

Making pots in itself is a process with many steps which includes; throwing, turning, finishing, drying out, biscuit firing, glaze preparation, glazing and boxing items for dispatch. With all these many stages it’s easy to see why it takes so long.

With the end of summer approaching its easy to see where this post is going – don’t leave ordering for Christmas too late. Especially dinnerware and highly bespoke custom orders, there is still time to beat the rush!

So far I only have one event booked for the close of the year. You can find me at Crafted by Hand in Masham town hall on November 1st. I know it’s early yet but if you want a chance to view my work and pay no postage before Christmas then that’s your chance!

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