Combined orders

I’ve been getting a few more questions about postage recently, mostly relating to how combined postage orders work. That is when you order multiple pieces from multiple shop listings or want to purchase a set.

There are really two ways to do a combined postage order. The first is just to purchase what you want from multiple listings the shop, I pack it up for you and then refund the postage excess back to your chosen payment method. Normally I do excess postage refunds on a Friday when I’m doing my accounting!

The second way is for me to create a custom invoice for you either by creating a private listing on Etsy or by issuing a PayPal invoice via email. To do this I need to know exactly what your wanting to order because the postage price itself is dependant on the final weight of the items.

Custom invoices are harder to do when the items themselves don’t yet exist, in this case I try to give an estimated postage value to you. Often I’ll quote for a weight slightly heavier particularly with bespoke custom items I’ve never made before.

I’ve also been asked if I include invoices for purchases, I don’t include them for a few reasons. If the order is a gift then you wouldn’t really want one in there anyway, over the year the cost of printing soon adds up! When you purchase online you do get issued with an email invoice which you can refer back to at anytime.

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