5 Jul 15

Homegrown Food Festival Northallerton

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me last weekend, it was great to see so many new and familiar faces!

The weather was a bit of a mixed bag with rain early in the day and an incredibly hot afternoon. It was nice to see the festival expanding from last years successes with more stalls and a great variety of sweet, savory and culinary items.

For me a highlight was beans and beets with their nachos! It was nice to see more food out there for people with a variety of dietary requirements from vegan to gluten free.

Whenever I do events its always great to hear customer feedback and this year there were a lot of people returning to see our work, hopefully we’ll see you there again next year!

You can find out more about the Homegrown Food Festival here – http://www.homegrownfoodfest.co.uk/


    • Victoria says:

      Thanks! I had to eventually take it down because it was just getting so windy on the day :O crazy changeable British weather!

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