17 Jul 15

A little yarn bowl sale

Over in the shop you’ll now find a few seconds sale yarn bowls, these are all pieces that have some slight imperfections. Either in the finish of the glaze or some warping in the shape.

Large yarn bowls are discounted to £15 each plus postage and star bowls to £11 plus postage. If you don’t want to pay shipping you can always drop by to collect these from the studio. These are in stock and ready to ship for a little gift to yourself!

I have a few more of these to add to the shop next week but once they’re gone that’s it. I only have a limited selection of styles and colours in available so you can still order ‘firsts’ if you want something a bit different.

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    • Victoria says:

      Hi Kate, I won’t have any seconds in stock until winter as I’ll be doing more glazing in the winter months. Sorry!

  1. Mags webb says:

    Hi your stuff is amazingly beautiful
    I have just started crochet but of a late starter but I’m loving it I love the wool bowl could the inside be a raspberry or heather colour
    I also love most haunted is there anything u could do

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Mags,

      Thanks for getting in touch – I dont glaze pots in either purple or red as they’re both too unstable as stoneware glazes.


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