You might know that you can find me over on the photo sharing social media site Instagram. On there I’m known as littlewrenpottery, it’s nice that they allow long usernames! Using this I tend to post photos of day to day working in the studio life or ‘behind the scenes’ shots.

Recently I noticed a few people taking photos of their new pots with the hashtag littlewrenpottery. I didn’t start the tag but it’s great to see people using it! So if you’ve got a Little Wren pot be sure to tag your photo so that I can see my work out in the wild.

It’s great to know that pieces go out into the world and are loved and used daily by those who buy them. If you make your purchase through Etsy and leave a 5 star review you can also post a photo alongside it.

Special thanks to everyone who takes the time out of their busy day to take a snap!

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