Let’s talk postage

As a seller I know it’s not always possible to meet me in person or do a collection from the studio so postage is where it’s at.

I’ve not really done a post specifically about postage before but selling online you very quickly become familiar with the postage system and the best prices for the weights of parcels that are regularly dispatched from the studio.

Generally postage costs ten to fall most commonly into one of three sizes; small, medium and large. There is a very small and also an extra large for huge orders but for the sake of simplicity we’ll stick to the three for now.

Small items tend to be smaller mugs, jugs or star yarn bowls all these get sent first class parcel post and generally are under 1 kilo in weight. This costs £7.55 to send.

A medium parcel is a 10 inch x 10 inch cubed box weighing in at over 1 kilo but under 2 kilos. This costs around £9.95 to send and this is generally for large yarn bowls, bigger mugs and teapots.

Both the small and medium sized boxes can be sent internationally around the world, once you start to get above the 2 kilo weight for international orders things become complicated! While it’s still possible to send larger orders internationally I do recommend using a specific courier for international shipping at this weight.

Finally there’s the large boxes this is generally anything over 2 kilos and up to 10 kilos sent in the UK, this costs £15 and usually accommodates sets of items. All items which fall into this larger slot I send via 48 hour Parcelforce post. I also send sets of items which are over 10 kilos in weight as an extra large size too!

At the large size there is definitely an ‘optimum postage cost’ especially when it comes to yarn bowls, sending a single yarn bowl is a medium parcel but if you order three then you pay for the large parcel rate. This cuts the cost of postage per bowl down to £5 per piece.

Finally selling on Etsy and Folksy I can only use one postage cost – which is generally for first class parcel post. If you wanted to have your item sent second class, special delivery, airsure or any of the other postage services available from Royal Mail and Parcelforce just get in touch prior to placing your order.

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