The joy of tea

Tea is such a major thing in our house, somehow its a great year-round drink from refreshing in summer to comforting in winter. Sometimes I wonder how anyone got things done before tea was discovered!

It’s a very British thing to love tea quite so much. Somehow it appears in contemporary pop culture quite often from Hitchhikers Guide and the creation of the Impossible Improbability Drive to it’s appearance in Wallace and Gromit cartoons. At the same time though its a very hotly debated topic – brewing in cups vs a teapot, how much milk, and if it should be milk first in the cup or tea first. Honestly it’s a uniquely British ever so slightly polite minefield.

We’re quite dedicated tea drinkers in our house and we’re often adventurous with our tea choices. So let me talk you through a few of our favourites that you’ll find in our tea drawer.

Our everyday go to tea is actually Chai, it’s in our cupboard in various different forms. Theres bagged black chai, caffeine free and a looseleaf blend to brew in a pot. If you have the time to sit with a teapot the looseleaf does give the best flavour and you can vary it to your own personal taste. I use a spice mix added to Assam tea, since you use less actual tea in brewing it’s better to use a good quality one.

Next come the flavoured herbal teas, often we drink these as digestives to get some of the benefits of the herbs. London tea company which you can find in Holland and Barratt do great strongly flavoured fruit teas. You can also find Dr Stewart’s there which again is a favourite of mine although it can be quite bitter and does taste quite ‘medicinal’ if you aren’t used to it.

I also drink a lot of camomile or herbal bedtime teas, my favourite of these is probably Clipper Teas. They do a couple of varieties but I like them because they have a complex flavour that isn’t too strong!

Finally there are green teas. I love green tea but I’m sadly very particular about it, I often find bagged green tea can turn bitter very quickly. To get round that I prefer looseleaf and I have a couple of tea balls for brewing looseleaf in either a large cup or a teapot.

I’m sure I’ve left a few off this little round up but what’s your favourite tea?

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