Hambleton Community Awards 2015

You might remember a while back I mentioned that I’d created the awards ceremony plates for the Hambleton Community Awards. You can find a great video of the night over on Vimeo, it really gives a flavour of the event and the many great causes supported by the awards.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Northallerton Bowling Club last weekend! The next event I’ll be at will be the Homegrown Food Festival on June 28th at the Applegarth playing fields. I’m looking forward to it already, hopefully the weather will improve in time!

Finally over the next few months I’ll be phasing out the Midnight Blue glaze from the shop to reformulate it into a new dark blue glaze. It’ll be removed from all made to order dinnerware listings in the shop, it will still be available for yarn bowls probably well into Christmas.

Unfortunately it’s no longer up to the standard of other glazes available on the chart. I’m always trying to continually improve my work and part of this is ensuring that all glazes perform well continuously across all our kilns. I’m hoping to replace it with a rich shade of indigo blue which I’ll be testing over the next few weeks – watch this space!

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