Dwell by Martin Storey

I’d been knitting Dwell for about a year, although I took a break over December. It’s now finally completed! It’s certainly got that new jumper feel. This pattern was originally printed in the Rowan book ‘Pioneer’ but I got my copy of it from issue 64 of The Knitter where it appears on the cover.

Overall it’s a nice pattern, I did get really nervous when knitting the back because it looked huge but the final piece looks really good. The honeycomb style cable pattern creates quite a stretchy piece which creates a flattering back without having to do any shaping.

I don’t often make pieces with drop shoulders so it was difficult for me to judge the length of the sleeves. I always just make the sleeves to fit me as Rowan patterns typically have arm lengths that are just way too long! Another new technique to me is the button band, normally I do pickup and knit. It’s ok for a first attempt but I did leave off a button, the pattern recommends 5 but I think 4 create a more flattering V shape.

I do think this would be a great pattern for someone who has an intermediate skill level because the repeats are so simple. There aren’t too many difficult bits in it – I left off the pockets which makes this even easier.

I knitted this up in Cashsoft shade ‘Opulence’ which while it is a nice yarn it’s incredibly fluffy even though the cashmere content is only 10%. I have a feeling that once I really start wearing this hard it’ll begin shedding and leaving little maroon tufts everywhere.

I’ve already started eyeing up my next project which will be a shawl knit in Eden Cottage Yarns laceweight yarn. I’ll be knitting up Cavallo Point which you can find over on knitty.

2 thoughts on “Dwell by Martin Storey

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks! : ) Crafting for others is no bad thing though it’s nice to make gifts for other people. I tend to make too many jumpers when I actually wear cardigans alot! I’m surprised this pattern hasn’t gotten more love on Ravelry.

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