Getting your text on pots

There are lots of different ways of getting wording onto a pot be it for you or as a commemorative gift. I’ve been getting a variety of inquiries about the different techniques I use to get words onto pots. I try to choose methods that compliment the kinds of pieces I make, while there are easily more techniques out there these are just the ones I use.

Letter stamping is something I usually do for pet bowls, I do have multiple stamp sets with different font styles. Generally I use these by pressing into slabs of clay due to the amount of pressure needed to make the impressions into the clay. If it was done directly onto the pot it’d warp the shape too much.

Enamelling is a more recent technique I’ve been experimenting with, this allows you to make the piece and then decorate it later using coloured enamel paints. It’s painted on freehand without the use of any mechanical printing. The piece itself has to be fired three times in order to make the colour permanently affixed to the pot so it is a little more expensive.

Sgraffito is used for lettering on the custom named yarn bowls which gives an etched texture, trapped under the glaze this is done while the pot is at the leather hard stage. Carving is done with a round ended tool by hand to give a flowing natural look.

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