Minimalist Baker’s granola bars

At about 2-3pm I get the afternoon slumps, at that time its usually tea-o’clock and the kettle goes on. I had been buying a lot of granola bars or natural snack bars like the nakd cocoa loco bars but was starting to get a bit tired of them. The Minimalist Baker website has a recipe for a 5 ingredient bar.

It’s full of mostly almonds and while it is quite high in calories theres plenty of energy for the afternoon. In the comments for the recipe there are a few people who said their bars didn’t stick together, I found the key to this is to get the dates into the right consistency. I don’t think it’d be possible to get the dates into a paste without some sort of electric blender.

Instead of using peanut butter for these I used almond butter just because its a bit more dense in nutrients for about the same number of calories and I don’t think it had much effect on the recipe.

Getting them into the tin wasn’t really a problem – even though my tin was a bit bigger than the recommended 8 x 8 inches. I tried the old back of the spoon trick for squishing the bars down but it’s easiest just to use your knuckles.

The finish bars themselves are a bit more like flapjack than a granola bar, they keep in the freezer really well and it helps to avoid all those nasty corn oil products!

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