Now solar powered

If you placed an order late last week you may be aware of the slightly longer waiting times for pieces. This is because I couldn’t fire the kilns Wednesday-Friday last week as we were having solar panels fitted!

The panels now mean that we’ll be changing our firing cycle to use the electricity produced by the daylight hours. While firing during the day will be a bit of a change for me it shouldn’t affect the dispatching times for orders. Currently we’re producing 10 kilowatts of energy, enough to power the largest of the three kilns in the studio.

It will mean that the carbon footprint of the business is smaller now that we’re using green energy. Making pots can be resource heavy but hopefully even small businesses like mine can contribute to reducing climate change. Many thanks to the Dresser Solar team for a very quick and hassle free installation!

2 thoughts on “Now solar powered

    • Victoria says:

      Ah people say that it’s ‘deepest darkest yorkshire’ but it’s not really that dark ; ) We do get lovely sunny days… maybe not right now though!

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