Neutral glazes

One question I regularly get asked is what’s the difference between the neutral glazes on the colour chart; Brilliant White, Simply Clay and Vanilla Cream.

Each one has subtile differences but it’s enough that they’re distinct from one another. Working with neutral glazes can be quite difficult, they’re prone to easily picking up impurities from the clay or blemishes from other glaze colours they’re placed next to. Also their pale appearance during application means you have to be very careful about how much is applied!

Brilliant White is a gloss finish glaze, it has a very high shine to it and is really a pure white. I think it has quite a thick appearance which means it generally gives good coverage over the pot. The main element which gives this glaze it’s colour is Tin.

Simply clay is a transparent glaze, it’s actually clear but also has a glossy finish. Generally this glaze gives a tan or beige colour which essentially is the natural colour of the white stoneware I work with. When it’s applied thickly it can go a milky white colour.

Vanilla Cream is also an opaque glaze, out of the three you get most variation with this one. The variations can depend on thickness of coverage and where it’s been placed in the kiln during glazing, in hotter areas of the kiln it has a tendency to burn off. Generally this glaze turns out a pale cream colour with a slight speckle to it. The speckling ranges from pale yellows to brown spots. Unlike the other two glazes this also has a low silica content meaning that it turns out to have a slightly satin finish to the touch.

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