Sewing Pyjama pants

Before Christmas I made a couple of PJ bottoms, one pair I kept for myself and the other second (better made!) pair I gave as a gift. I’ve been subscribing to Love Sewing for a few months now and the patterns are great – they run from simple to more adventurous projects.

The pattern itself is from issue 6 and even though it’s shown on a female model the second pair I made for Ewan so they can also fit guys too. The pattern itself has quite a high waist so for a mens version instead of making the waist high I kept it low and took the bottom hem edges of the legs up to get the correct length.

I’ll admit the trickiest part of getting this pattern right is putting in the elastic for the waist as it can get quite fiddly. I made my versions in just a regular patterned cottons mainly because getting hold of lawn or brushed cotton in a pattern I liked was actually very difficult. You could make these out of a thicker fleecy type fabric and be ok too but some areas you would have to hand finish and may get a little bulky.

Also don’t do what I did and purchase fabric which isn’t the same width as your pattern! Because of the narrow length of the fabric I had to cut the pattern pieces differently which meant that it was a tight squeeze. The pattern also went vertically rather than horizontally, not that you’d notice with a floral print like this but something to watch out for!

My subscription to Love Sewing has meant that I’ve really cut down on the number of patterns I’m buying and the regular inspiration has helped me to branch out from sewing homewares to making garments. I’m still learning but getting better slowly!

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