The boyfriend jumper

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on the blog, I’ve been very busy fulfilling all those Christmas orders like a little Elf. Anyway I thought I’d share with you a knitting project I’ve recently completed as a break from the potting.

I originally made this jumper about 4 years ago and it eased about an inch and a half all the way around. It just ended up being far too big for poor Ewan and when I put it on it looked like a mini dress!

This is a fab yarn from New Lanark it’s put up with frogging quite well and it’s re-knit with no problem however I don’t think it’d be worth doing again. It’s an Aran weight yarn and the colour is ‘Forest’, it does have that tweedy look to it with the flecks of colour in the yarn.

The pattern is actually a Sirdar pattern, I’m always surprised at the quality of Sirdar patterns when their yarn is quite hit and miss. The book is called ‘Favourite Aran Knits’ and it’s mostly traditional style sweaters and cardigans, this pattern is named ‘Design D, Honeycomb Aran Sweater’. I enjoyed knitting this jumper so much I made it twice if that says anything about the quality of the pattern.

While I was pleased with how it turned out I still think it looks better on me! I went a size down in the sizing but does frogged yarn have as much ease to it? It has eased a little but since it hasn’t seen any heavy wear yet and I don’t block sweaters then I think it’s still finding it’s new shape.

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