Yet more glaze chart changes

Apparently I can’t stop myself from changing the glaze chart at the moment! If you’ve been over on Etsy lately you might have noticed that I removed the Raspberry Red glaze from the glaze chart selection a couple of weeks ago.

This is mainly to do with the stability of this glaze, I will still be glazing stock pieces with red but I won’t be doing custom orders with it. I have however added a new shade to the chart which is a gloss transparent glaze which I’ve called Simply Clay.

I always have transparent in stock anyway since it’s a useful glaze to have around but this is the first time I’ve offered it on the chart. It’s ideal for folks who like Vanilla Cream but would prefer a gloss finish.

I hate to say Christmas is just around the corner but I’ll be publishing my last ordering dates probably next week. In preparation for Christmas I’ll be at the Northallerton Bowls Club’s Christmas Bazaar. It takes place on the 29th of November between 10am and 4pm.

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