Finding your artistic voice

Pottery is a strange discipline because you can draw and design objects to your hearts content on paper. Once you get round to actually making it then it’s a different thing entirely, understanding the practicalities of making and what does and doesn’t make a shape attractive.

It’s this endless trial and error process which I think really lends itself to finding your voice or personality as an artist. I don’t know if everyone considers functional pottery as art but just like any other art form it brings the character of the person to the fore. Somehow your work represents something of yourself.

I’ve been experimenting with new pieces on and off the last few weeks and I’ll make a confession: before I make something I don’t draw it on paper. I think about it a lot though, I imagine holding the finished object in my hands and turning it over slowly. From there in my mind I work backwards through the making process, which I guess is an odd way of thinking about it!

At the moment I’ve been exploring different decorative themes, some I’m sure I’ll leave behind but it all helps to develop a direction through that choice. Sometimes you can only really learn by doing!

With the news that the Wedgewood collection has been saved I was recently wondering what it would look like if you got every piece I’d ever made in one room together. I’d hope that you’d really see a progression year on year, that’d be a lot of pots!

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