A few custom orders

Quite often I get asked to make custom pottery orders and while I can’t always accommodate them I do try to whenever possible. The problem with making something you’ve never created before is the element of the unknown, you simply don’t know how it’ll turn out. It’s always a nice surprise when things turn out better than you expect!

So far this month custom cups have been the thing to have with a sgraffito design this chemical symbol was a little tricky to draw! The vanilla glaze on the outside has just caught the shadow of the etching to create a kind of embossed look. The formulae is Oxytocin which is the chemical of love.

Sometimes a custom order comes along and you just think – why didn’t I think of that? This pair of mugs have a couple of cute bats attached to the side. The brown slip painted onto them gives the texture of fur which works really well as they were modelled on the pipistrelle bat.

Finally it’s just been a while since these were in the shop and generally I only really have them in stock around christmas time but these drinking goblets have the shape of traditional half pint schooners.

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