New Look Workroom Project Runway pattern NL6120

I picked up this pattern a while ago as I was looking for a dress to make that would be at about my sort of level – simple, easy and not too time consuming! Although generally I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but as always it could be better. This is a kimono style dress which has a sort of large t-shirt shape with no waist shaping.

The pattern recommended either a synthetic fabric or linen, neither of which I’m a big fan off so I went a bit off track and used a printed cotton. Since the dress has a kimono feel to it I decided to use something that had a kind of Japanese feel. I found this grey printed cotton simply labelled ‘Scandi grey print’ in my local fabric store.

Because this cotton was slightly stiffer than the suggested fabrics I actually re-cut the neckline to make it slightly lower and sit better across the shoulders. Oddly the thing I’m happiest with is the belt, its got a really nice Obi style look to it and it’d probably look great in other fabrics too.

The number one problem with this pattern though is with the under arm seam. Since you want a nice flat curve under the arm you can’t sew a french seam, it needs to be a traditional flat seam with clipped edges. This was really hard to do! The pattern instructs you to sew double over the underarm but I also had to finish it off by hand.

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