Glaze chart changes for Winter

I’ve been thinking about having a change around on the glaze chart for a while now to improve and develop the range. I’ve often felt that theres a lot of brown in the chart and with that in mind Chocolate Brown is now gone from the selection of glazes.

I’ve also been adjusting the green which can unfortunately be quite unstable, prone to pitting and colour variations. At the moment I have whats known as ‘Green II’ in development and hopefully it’ll eventually replace the existing green but look the same.

While I haven’t yet updated the glaze chart there’s a new addition making it’s way to the chart for the winter season and that’s Raspberry Red. You might have seen it a while ago over on my Facebook page as a preview after glazing a variety of test pieces in it I’m quite happy for it to join the collection.

It’s quite a deep berry shade of red which looks like melted ice cream in the glaze tub. It fires to a super glossy texture, its quite a bold colour and I often find reds divide opinion! Red is probably the most difficult colour to achieve in stoneware because it’s got a tendency to burn off in the kiln when it’s fired, hopefully it’ll stay behaving itself giving a lovely gloss texture.

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