A trip to Islay, Scotland

So the last couple of weeks you might have noticed there were no new blog entries because I was away in the wilds of Scotland. The weather was searingly hot not something you normally associate with Scottish summers but with Islay sheltered from the gulf stream and a lack of trees on the island the sun would really beat down.

The landscapes of Islay are quite dramatic from rocky coves, to high rolling hills and flat peaty marshland. Theres a lot to see here and its a real haven for wildlife. I’ll admit I spent a lot of time chasing butterflies and taking photos of them. I also discovered it’s pretty tough to take a picture on the island that isn’t somehow picturesque.

I’m not wild about whiskey but I was surprised to find a few that I did like, a trip there really expanded my opinion of whisky beyond what people occasionally put in my hand at Christmas and I begrudgingly drink it. I can see why so many Whisky fans visit since it’s so easy to go from distillery to distillery with only a short trip between.

After visiting a couple you really start to notice the nuances between each type beyond just ‘whiskey’ flavoured. Although I lived in Scotland for four years I also never really experienced Midges quite to the level I did here so if your planning a trip out there be prepared!

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